It’s your message.
It’s your opportunity. You’ve got one shot.

Audiences crave authentic, bold communica- tion. You can’t afford to disappoint them. If your audience tunes you out, reputations, funding, and deals are at stake. With so much riding on presentations, most speakers hesitate to get the necessary coaching to maximize their influence.

What if…

  • You connected with your audience
  • Your presentation had impact
  • You told compelling stories
  • You managed your anxiety
  • You could speak off-the-cuff
  • Your answers were impressive
  • You communicated naturally
  • You were remembered

We get you

Bold Echo has over 20 years of experience coaching Silicon Valley executives and business professionals. We have worked with clients with a wide range of speaking experience, anxiety levels, and cultural backgrounds. Since every presentation is its own unique opportunity, we tailor our individual and group workshops to meet your needs. We provide you with the most effective communication tools and techniques that will get you to your goal—confident, compelling communication to any audience at any time.

Bold Echo offers solutions for:

  • Individual speeches
  • Media trainings/Press tours
  • Conference presentations
  • Key note speeches
  • IPO road shows
  • WebEx, LiveMeeting, and Conference Calls